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Explore a true metropolitan city and travel visa-free to St. Petersburg with St. Peter Line! To all the passengers onboard, the ship offers a taste of the spirit of today´s St. Petersburg. There are restaurants with a Russian menu, there are duty-free shops with Russian products and souvenirs - and there is the International Show by Russian artists at the ship´s Night Club – every single night! You can stay two nights in St. Petersburg visa free from Helsinki round trip with St. Peter Line.

Requirements for visitors without Visa:
- return must be in 72 hours, starting from the arrival to St. Petersburg
- passport must be valid 6 months after the arrival to St. Petersburg
- shuttle bus ticket (will be added when making a booking for a cabin)
- hotel/hostel voucher (in case of passenger stays overnight in St. Petersburg). In voucher must be hotel's name and contact details, names for each passenger and accommodation dates. 

NOTE: Passengers who require a Schengen visa need a multivisa. A single visa is valid only for one way trip.



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